MVP has 20 years of experience in Public Relations, Community Planning and Development. This experience has allowed MVP to emerge now as a community planning and development leader.

MVP specializes in a range of planning services, to reach client's goals and objectives. 

MVP has a demonstrated, successful track record in working with:

  • Federal, State and Local Government and Agencies
  • Business and Corporate
  • Private, Community/ Neighborhood Organizations
  • Faith-based initiatives 

MVP is your source to see your vision realized and reach your desired outcome, building relations for business, social and project advancement, capacity and social capital through experience and care. MVP's core value is competency and commitment to your business and project objective. 

Scope of Service

Public Relations and Planning

  • Defining Clients Service and Objective
  • Build Authentic Relations and Social Capacity
  • Designing Impact Campaign
  • Image Development
  • Vision and Strategy Development

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Business and Community Planning Development

  • Service and Sustainability
  •  Economic and Social Impact
  • Public Need, Interest and Feasibility
  • Demographic and Cultural Awareness
  • Planning and Design

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 Special Events 

  • Planning, Management and Logistics
  • Conferences, Symposiums
  •  Exhibits and Professional Receptions
  • Public Engagements
  • Indoor and Outdoor Events
  •  Venues (Small and Large)

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Maximizing impact and serviceability, getting brands, events and projects successfully before the public is what we do best.

We are committed to understand your vision and translate your private or public objective, delivering your plan with skill and accuracy.